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Off The Beaten Path: 4 Offbeat Things To Do In Goa

Off The Beaten Path: 4 Offbeat Things To Do In Goa
Coconut Creek Resort
July 31, 2018

If you’ve chosen to stay in South Goa, there’s a fair chance you want to move away from overly crowded beaches and nightclubs. And now you might find yourself questioning your decision because if not beaches and parties, what else does one do in Goa? Fear not, for we have you covered.  Here are 4 offbeat things to do in Goa.


1) Think Crocodiles, Spices and Elephants

Give the beaches a temporary break and sail through the backwaters of Goa. Enjoy a slow cruise along Tiswadi’s Cumbarjua canal. Spot some wild crocodiles and birds along the way and get a front row seat to enjoying the Goan countryside, something very few tourists get to do. Proceed towards tropical spice plantations, and breath in the scent of spices in the air while you tour through the plantation. And while you’re at it, why not pick up some locally prepared masalas to take back home? End the day with a rustic meal, bursting with authentic Goan flavours.


2) A Date With the Paranormal

Vacations in Goa have a way of slowing things down; it’s just a part of the Goa experience. If you haven’t experienced that sweet lethargy that’s so characteristic of a holiday in Goa, you’ve missed out. But if you have, and if it’s adventure and thrills you’re on the lookout for, then there’s nothing like a trip to Goa’s most haunted place to get the blood rushing.

Google “most haunted place in Goa” and if the Three Kings Church isn’t the top result, you’ve probably Googled the wrong thing. Situated in the village of Causalim in South Goa, this is the Mecca of Goa’s haunted sites. As the story goes, years ago, there were three kings who ruled the region. Three is definitely a crowd because one of the king’s decided he’d had enough of sharing the land with other two and ended up poisoning them. This didn’t sit down too well with the villagers and afraid of the backlash, the third king killed himself. And since then, the area has been in the grip of the paranormal. Locals and tourists alike claim to have witnessed ghostly figures, unexplained temperature drops and whispers in and around the area.


3) A Ride Under the Stars

Goa’s reputation as the ultimate tourist destination has made echoes across every corner. As a result, one often finds the beaches chockablock with tourists. And water sports in such crowded areas can be more hassling than thrilling. So how does one get around this? Two words: moonlight kayaking. With just the moonlight and gently lapping waves for company, this activity gives an entirely different meaning to Goa’s “nightlife”. This kayaking experience has the makings to be the highlight of your Goa trip.


4) Cycle Away

Old Goa is a traveller’s paradise. Tucked away in every nook and corner are churches and chapels that tell stories of the bygone Portuguese era. Hop onto a bicycle and revel in the air of an area thick with history and culture. An expert guide will accompany you every step of the tour to make your experience all that more fulfilling. There are several of these cycling tours on offer online, pick the one of your choice!


So there you have it. Your guide to an entirely offbeat Goa experience!


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