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Unravel 18 Coconut Creek Resort Secrets

Unravel 18 Coconut Creek Resort Secrets
Coconut Creek Resort
October 30, 2017
We are on the threshold of completing 18 years, and guess what? We are still Goa’s best-kept secret!

Tucked away from the noisy suburbs, concealed in palm trees and tranquillity; our small family-owned boutique resort has been welcoming guests since 1st November 1999. It has been a great journey so far.

Here are 18 interesting secrets we would love to share with you:
  1. When a stitch in time saves nine. Two days after opening, the water level of the swimming pool decreased. Without wasting time, we immediately dug up the pool and found the leak.
  2. A great employee is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find & lucky to have. Jessy, who handles housekeeping and Shankar, the gardener have been with us since day one.
  3. We have a way of making our guests feel at home. Each time you visit, you will never feel like leaving. This is the main reason why we’ve been getting a lot of repeat customers over the last 18 years.
  4. Our guests are not just guests, they are family. We take pride in good old-fashioned hospitality. We are empathetic, always pondering on ‘How would it feel if we were in a foreign country?” Which is why we go out of our way to escort people to the hospital or doctor, etc.
  5. We treasure each memory and remember every client’s birthday. We also recognize all our frequent guests.
  6. Who doesn’t love surprises? Unexpected moments are always sweeter. We place small nightly amenities in our guest rooms like a free bag, keychain, pillow, postcard, pen, liquor, etc which changes each year.
  7. Everybody likes change, so do we. The colour scheme of our resort changes every two years along with the staff uniforms. So far, we have had yellow/gold, orange, terracotta, lime green, purple and peacock blue. Our next change will happen in October 2018.
  8. Love finds you in the strangest of places. Many of our staff members have met their future husband or wife at Coconut Creek.
  9. Celebrity sightings at Coconut Creek is not uncommon. From famous people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Indian cricketers and actresses have stayed here too.
  10. Did you know that we have never had an entrance signboard for 17 years? It was only last year that we instituted a nice stone entrance with the name of our resort.
  11. Room numbers too were a rare sight at our resort. For 18 years, our rooms didn’t have numbers on doors. It was only this month where we have decided to have room numbers.
  12. Our staff always get a good mention put out on TripAdvisor. According to Lynn, it is the staff who make the resort and it is important to let them know how valued they are.
  13. Our resort is in close proximity to the airport and an idyllic holiday resort for both, domestic and international guests. Also, we are just 200 metres away from the beach.
  14. We get a lot of love from our guests, who also consider us as their family. Lynn and Nello’s children have grown up in the hotel and many guests have seen them grow from infants to present. The guests treat them like their grandchildren.
  15. We don’t fear insecurity, we up our standards each year. We strive to offer new ideas, facilities, and experiences for our guests.
  16. Everyone loves the beds and the nice fluffy duvets. Our rooms are a combination of minimalism with comfort.
  17. We organize pool competitions, quiz nights, etc to raise money for charity. Over the years we have helped Mother Teresa’s, Lar de Therezina in Margao and various people in the village. We have helped young kids go to boarding schools, diagnose life-threatening illnesses and still to this day, we try to do our bit to give back to the society. We recently organized a blood donation drive too.
  18. Each year, we encourage the village tradition of crib making and award prizes. We invite our guests as judges.


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