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7 Tips To Be A Green Traveler

7 Tips To Be A Green Traveler
Coconut Creek Resort
June 4, 2019

We travel in order to expand the realms of our minds and our intellectuality. Unfortunately, we tend to get so lost in our excitement that we forget to pay heed to our natural environment and it’s sustainability. Traveling in a greener way will not only make you feel better about yourself but will also leave a positive impression on the place you visited. It is not easy to travel green, but even a  little effort can go a long way.

With World Environment Day just around the corner on the 5th of June, here are a few great tips from Coconut Creek, to help you decrease your carbon footprint on your next trip!

  1. Pack Light And Efficient

The lesser the luggage we carry, the lighter, the plane, train or cab hence the lesser will be the fuel consumption. This will, in turn, reduce the number of harmful greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Pack only what you need and the environment will thank you.

2. Carry Reusable Items

It takes gallons of oil to produce the plastic water bottles we use for water consumption. So instead of unnecessarily buying plastic bottles and dumping them repeatedly, carry a reusable bottle instead that you can keep filling at water fountains. There are a few battery operated filters that are available that fit the mouth of the bottle, hence purifying tap water for convenience on the go. Brownie points for carrying a cloth bag instead of plastic bags.

3. Don’t Forget To Turn Off The Lights Before You Leave Home

Switch off all your lights, fans and other electrical equipment before you move out. You don’t want to waste so much power while you’re away.

4. Travel Around On Foot, Bicycle Or Public Transport

Explore short distances by walking or riding a bicycle. Try to make use of public transport like buses or trains if you want to move across long distances. Taxi services like Uber allow you to carpool with co-passengers. This also reduces traffic congestion.

5. Prefer To Use e-Tickets And Avoid Printing Of Receipts

By now we all know that paper comes from trees and how important it is to save trees. So even though paper can be recycled, avoid printing too much unnecessarily. Airports and railway stations now always scan e-tickets.

6. Opt For Local Food

Support local farmers and food vendors by consuming their local produce. Local authentic dishes are sometimes even tastier and healthier than most of the ones offered at high-end restaurants. Chain restaurants also use a lot of preservatives in their food and spend a lot of fuel and money on shipping the ingredients. That is why they are so expensive! #Protip: be careful not to consume any endangered plant or animal species.

7. Don’t Dump Your Waste In The Open

This is something that everyone needs to follow not just while on the go, but also within our own close proximities. Plastics stay within the ground, years after they’ve been dumped. Use trash bins or if there aren’t any in sight, then carry your waste with you till you find one.

Go Green With Coconut Creek

Staying true to its name, Coconut Creek Resort is located in the midst of dense groves and is the best way to reconnect with nature. So put down your digital devices and absorb the depth of story that is present in this magical landscape. Enjoy a cup of tea while breathing in the fleeting smell of the flowers, feast on authentic Goan dishes made from locally sourced produce or simply take a stroll among the million hues of green and brown.

Take advantage of our 3-night monsoon package and book your stay now!

Last but not least, spread the word. It is important to let others know and understand the significance of our environment and the consequences of its depletion. Happy World Environment Day!

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