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Gift the woman in your life a spa day

Gift the woman in your life a spa day
Coconut Creek Resort
March 25, 2019

In every phase of our life, we all have a special woman we’ve looked up to. Someone who has helped us get through some truly difficult moments. Whether you’re a man or a woman, we all owe an abundance of credit towards these special ladies, starting with our mothers, to a sister, a best friend or wife. We often take them for granted and never really notice the number of sacrifices they make towards helping us grow. They often spend so much energy in making us happy, that they don’t put in enough time for themselves. In case you’re wondering how to make it up to your special lady, or are confused about what would be the perfect gift, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; gift her a spa day!

An opportunity to indulge in Coconut Creek’s Spa and Beauty Parlour facilities is the perfect gift to pamper all the lovely ladies in our lives. Whether it’s a gift to that special someone, for both of you, or a gift to yourself as a woman, we assure you a day at our spa will revitalize your mind and soul in the most positive way.

Spas have been known to be places of healing for thousands of years. A good day at the spa can promise relaxation, rejuvenation and a renewed sense of purpose. Spas offer therapeutic treatments like massages, body treatments, and facials, which improve your overall sense of well-being. With our busy work schedule, sometimes it becomes necessary to escape into another world to rejuvenate the mind and body. A good massage also improves blood circulation, hence sending more oxygen and nutrients through the body and cells. There are a lot of health benefits when one works on their inner selves, by taking a step back from all of life’s troubles, whether it’s for a couple of hours or even a few days.

So what does a day at the Coconut Creek Spa include?

Our in-house spa provides an all-around pampering session. Experience your mind being lead to a serene environment as you are gently massaged at the miracle-working hands of the local masseur. Ranging from re-hydrating therapies to cellulite treatments and detoxifying body massages, we have a vast range of massages, manicures, pedicures and more.

Pamper yourself or your loved one with our vast range of products or let us come up with the ideal selection of treatments and massages to help you cope with the stresses of everyday life. To know more about our spa facilities click here or to book a room to avail of our spa facilities, click here .

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