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Visit the Goa Carnival this year!

Visit the Goa Carnival this year!
Coconut Creek Resort
February 25, 2019

We all know that Goa is the party capital of India but the Goan carnival is one of a kind. Carnival is a unique and funky festival full of vibrant colour, delicious food and lively performances. It is only celebrated in Goa and dates back to the colonial Portuguese area. It is a tradition that Goans have been celebrating irrespective of religion for over 500 years. Scheduled from 2nd to 5th March, Goa’s carnival this year promises to be as vibrant as always. Till then, here’s some carnival related trivia for you.

The Origin

The Carnival has its roots in the extravagant feasts of ancient Rome and Greece. The Goan carnival first began in the Portuguese era. King Momo introduced the Goan Carnival just before the Lent season of the Christian calendar. Throughout the 40 days of lent, people do not consume rich foods such as meat and heavy dairy products.

Time and Place

The carnival happens on the weekend before lent, which ends on Good Friday. It is a 3 to 4-day event held throughout the state of Goa. Similar to the festival of Holi, at the Goa Carnival too, people smear colour on each other with colour and dress in clothes that are just as colourful.

Lavish Floats

Vividly decorated floats are the main attraction of this event. These floats are used as a medium to denote the prosperity as well as to address social issues and taboos prevalent in the state. The parade always starts with the mythological figure King Momo reading out an oath. These beautiful floats make their way all over Goa.

Free Entry

The Goa Carnival came into being as a day of fun and excitement for everyone. This is why there is no entry fee for the event. All you have to do is show up decked up in your colourful best!

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